VERVE MEDIA is pleased to announce “ERASURE” will be premiering on MAY 10TH, 2014.

The first screening will be held at WASHBURN UNIVERSITY in HENDERSON HALL @ 3:00 PM.





The trailer for “ERASURE” has arrived!



VERVE MEDIA is pleased to announce “ERASURE” has begun filming after having been in preproduction for many months.
“ERASURE” is a feature length psychological drama written and directed by Austin Snell.  The film stars Dané Shobe,
Matthew Briden, Bethany Ayers, and Shawn Nyberg among many other veteran community theater actors from
Topeka and Lawrence, Kansas.
Expect “ERASURE” in the spring of 2014.


“Fiber City: The First Google Fiber City” is now available for online viewing, courtesy of our friends at

Directed by Clayton Ashley

Be sure to watch all 4 parts!



UPDATE: ALL 4 PARTS of “Fiber City” will be made available for viewing at the same time, not in segments as previously stated.  Cool, huh?

We are pleased to announce the release of a brand new 4-part documentary series,”Fiber City: The First Google Fiber City”.  Directed by Clayton Ashley and produced by Tech News Daily, part 1 of this series will be available for online viewing in the very near future.

“Fiber City” is the story of how Google Fiber can remake Kansas City.  This blazingly fast internet connection has given the city a chance to grow an already flourishing startup community, close it’s widening digital divide, and tear down stereotypes about the city itself.  But the community knows this opportunity won’t last long: Kansas City may be the first Google Fiber city, but it certainly won’t be the last! 

Clayton is one of the co-founders of Verve and is currently a freelance journalist working in New York City.  Fellow Verve alumni Stephen Ferrell has a photography credit as well.

More music videos on the way as well, so stay posted.



We’d like to thank “DEMENCHA” and “FUTURE FLAVOR” for their write-ups on Tom Richman’s “PAPER”.  You can view the nods below.  If you haven’t seen the video, click here.





New music video for Tom Richman’s “PAPER”.

Directed by Austin Snell.


Visit our friends at to hear music by Tom Richman and others.



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